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This sounds so good. I find Nava Atlas’ recipes to always be dependable and delicious. Check her out at

Dinner made use of the last harvest of our peas and another batch of purple pole beans (that turn green when cooked). We served these delicious backyard veggies with brown basmati rice and curried dal for a filling vegan meal.

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Tonight’s vegan, gluten-free dinner made use of our first harvest of peas and pole beans, plus a zucchini from my brother-in-law’s amazing backyard garden. We served these super-fresh, organic, local veggies over a bed of quinoa mixed with nutritional yeast (which gives it a flavour reminiscent of risotto).

Our vegetable garden is coming along. Pole beans, cucumbers and tomatoes are making progress with plenty of blossoms.

I have finally jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon!

It felt that everywhere I looked I saw another version of a green smoothie. Most of them seemed to include a banana and many had a yogurt base. Given that I am allergic to bananas and don’t eat dairy, most of the recipes I came across weren’t going to work for me. 

It took a rereading of Victoria Boutenko’s  Green For Life before I realized that I could use green tea as a base and there were all sorts of options that didn’t include bananas.

Today’s version includes green tea, raspberries, nectarine, cucumber, spinach and fresh mint from our garden.

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I ordered a copy of Gena Hamshaw’s  Choosing Raw: Making Raw Foods Part of the Way You Eat as a gift for a friend and got myself a copy while I was at it

It is a terrific book. Honestly though I would have expected nothing less from Ms Hamshaw.  In case you are unfamiliar with her, Gena Hamshaw is a certified nutritionist who has a blog called Choosing Raw.  (

This book feels like a natural extension of that blogIt is beautifully photographed, easy to read, and in the same calm, rational voice. There is no ‘angry vegan’ here.

Gena lays out the reasons for eating the ways she does (vegan and high raw) and explains why it might be in everyone’s interest to eat this way (or at least closer to this way). She then goes on to explain how.

She offers up a 22 day meal plan, 125 recipes, and many ‘templates’ for quick meal ideas that can be adapted to what you have on hand. She even includes pantry ideas and debunks some myths around vegan and raw foods.

If you are interested in eating better, more healthfully and compassionately, then this book might be for you.

What a difference some warm weather makes!

Spring was late here and summer has been slow to warm up. Finally, we have been having some hot days and the veggie garden is exploding.

Check out that bird bath made from a re-purposed candle holder and saucer from a plant pot.

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