Lisa: Packed Lunch #2

Here is a packed lunch for my husband’s day at the office tomorrow. It is actually a snack and a lunch since he is in the office for a long day.

The bio2 cereal bar and soy milk are the snack.

Lunch consists of:

 - leftover brown rice pasta with veggie-tomato sauce

 - gluten-free brown rice bread, to toast in the office kitchen

 - carrot sticks

 - apple (not pictured)

 - organic raisins.

I find it helpful to have some kind of premade bar or snack item on hand, like a larabar or Enjoy Life bar, in case I have nothing homemade. I am also thinking about a solution to the waste involved with tetra-packs. Single serving soy milk packages are incredibly convenient, but expensive and I am not thrilled about the garbage they create. Maybe a travel mug is the way to go? Any suggestions?